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Early Childhood Education

Children in Cincinnati Union Bethel’s early childhood education program are prepared for kindergarten. On any given day, we can serve up to 641 children.

84% of our children tested ready for kindergarten in the 2011-2012 school year (compared to an 85% community goal)

90% of children assessed were physically prepared in fine motor skills (i.e. writing with a pencil)

85% of children assessed are prepared in literacy skills (i.e. recognize letters and words)

Cincinnati Union Bethel supports the families as well as the children in our early childhood education program.

181 families received emergency/crisis intervention such as meeting immediate needs for food, clothing, or shelter

92 families received English as a second language training

82 families received adult education such as GED programs and college selection

Cincinnati Union Bethel is always challenging itself to do better. This is our increased performance over the years:


The Anna Louise InnSM

The Anna Louise Inn meets a need in women’s housing. Over the course of a year, approximately 200 women are housed at the Anna Louise InnSM

The Anna Louise InnSM is the only single-occupancy residence for women in Cincinnati

24% of the women in residence in 2012 stayed for a year or more

The Anna Louise InnSM provides safe and affordable housing.

95% of the women at the Inn are living on incomes at or below the 2012 poverty line ($11,170)

The women pay about 50% of the true cost of their housing, making it affordable for them to live independently on their low incomes

60% of the residents received case management to address conditions that may contribute to housing instability

Off the Streets

Off the Streets literally gets women off the streets and into a healthy, productive lifestyle. We serve approximately 90 women a year.

For women who participate in the program for 30 days or more, 78% report no involvement in human trafficking.

Of these same women, 73% report no drug use.

Off the Streets has a positive impact on the criminal justice system.

34% drop in arrests, comparing 2003 data to 2011

85% do not get a new conviction in the six months after connected with Off the Streets


Off the Streets helps build self-esteem.

Over 3/4 of women who have been victims of human trafficking were sexually assaulted as a child

Over 1/3 of women who have been victims of human trafficking are homeless before age 18