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Early Childhood Education

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In a room full of kindergartners, you wouldn’t want your child to feel left behind and lost.

That’s why it’s important to choose quality education over daycare for the critical years leading up to kindergarten. You want your child to start out on the right foot. We believe all children deserve that start, regardless of their economic situation, which is why we have focused our attention on children living in low-income neighborhoods.

The program is based on the premise that all children share common needs, and that children of low-income families, in particular, can benefit most from a comprehensive developmental program designed to meet those needs and hopefully break the cycle of poverty.

Cincinnati Union Bethel runs four Head Start preschools that prepare children 3-5 years old for kindergarten. Our Early Childhood Education program provides a rich variety of activities that foster the intellectual, physical, mental, emotional and social development of each child, while also supporting the family.


For information about enrolling your child in one of Cincinnati Union Bethel’s preschools, please call our preschool closest to your area:
Camp Washington Campus – 513-541-9080
Millvale Campus – 513-591-2003
Winton Campus – 513-242-3331

Our Curriculum

We know the potential for learning is greatest during the early years of a child’s life, so we take advantage of every moment. Each of our classes provides age-appropriate instruction in the following growth areas using a research-based curriculum:

Motor Skills
Language & Literacy
Music & Art
Social Skills
Math & Science
Dramatic Play
More Benefits

Our preschool students receive nutritional meals and snacks every day, as well as access to medical and dental screenings and care.

Family Engagement

Not only does our program help children prepare for kindergarten, we also help the family. We help parents reach their own goals and teach parents how to better support their children. We believe a strong family helps children grow.

Program Options

Half-day option: a 3-1/2 hour session in either the morning or afternoon, Monday-Thursday

Full-day: Monday-Friday.

In most cases, the half-day sessions include bus transportation to and from the school.


CUB Early Learning Academy
Camp Washington
1054 Heywood Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45225
Tel 513.541.9080
Fax 513.541.2840

CUB Early Learning Academy
3301 Beekman Street
Cincinnati, OH 45225
Tel 513.591.2003
Fax 513.591.2200

CUB Early Learning Academy
Winton Campus
5139 Holland Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45232
Tel 513.242.3331
Fax 513.242.3366

Little Blossoms Academy
2015 W. North Bend Road
Cincinnati, OH 45224
Tel 513.591.3100
Fax 513.591.3101

Parent Fees

To pay your current parent fees, please click here.