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Staff & Board

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Staff Contact Phone number
Staff Administrative Office 513-768-6907
President and CEO Beth Schwartz 513-768-6903
COO Bralynda Watkins 513-768-6931
Director, Early Childhood Education Julie Muehlenkamp 513-263-6511
Director, Human Resources Rainie Moody 513-768-6927
Director, Accounting Theresa Moon 513-768-6913
Director, Development & Marketing Jenny Jones 513-768-6933
Payroll & Benefits Lisa Curran 513-768-6901
Development Coordinator Mike Owens 513-768-6900
Senior Partnership Manager Richard Behrman 513-768-6930
Accounting Analyst Bonnie Bobay 513-768-6908
Staff – Anna Louise Inn Contact Phone Number
Director of Operations Sean Guilfoile 513-421-5211
Front Desk Robin Stanley 513-421-5211
Staff – Off The Streets Contact Phone Number
Director, Off the Streets Viann Barnett 513-768-6921
Program Supervisor Tracy Smith 513-768-6921
Case Manager Sheila Reisch 513-768-6920
Case Manager Aswana Laskey 513-768-6928
Case Manager Patricia Holley 513-768-6928
Care Coordinator Carolyn Rudolph 513-768-6932
Care Coordinator Monica Goodman 513-768-6932
Care Coordinator Harriet Miller 513-768-6932
Care Coordinator Amanda Taylor 513-768-6932
Program Coordinator Beth Schweinefuss 513-768-6928
Men’s Education Program Coordinator Terry Cosgrove 513-604-9644
Staff – Early Childhood Education Contact Phone Number
Content Area Managers
Health and Disabilities Felicia Sullivan 513-768-6511
Manager of Health Services Dana Craft 513-562-6404
Site Managers
Camp Washington Cindy Reed  513-541-9080
Little Blossoms Academy Beverly McGlasson  513-591-3100
Millvale Churee Brown  513-591-2003
Winton Campus Tiffany Fullman  513-242-3331
Board of Directors
Kathy Haines, Chair Steve Tosh, Vice Chair Brian L. McDonald, Treasurer
Ryan Walker, Secretary Deana Battle Ryan Brown
James Canfield, PhD Susana T. Chamlee Shay Craig
Tiffani Jackson Charmaine McGuffey Aftab Pureval, Esq.
Kathy Rambo Maria Sagrati Lisa Striker
Stephen Taylor Faith Tupman Deanna Webster, PhD
George Wharton, PhD Shirley Yoshida